Are your drivers going too fast? Use GPS Fleet Tracking to be sure And Fuel Management

GPS Fleet Tracking has many uses. Besides being able to use it to provide updates on employee driving and whether they are on the clock, idle, or not even working at all, this tracking solution can also be used to determine if your employees are driving too fast.

Why would you want to know if your employees are driving too fast? For a variety of reasons. First of all, your employees’ driving habits can cause serious liability issues if they are in an accident. Secondly, insurance companies will very often desire that you add the drivers names to the insurance according to If your employees are driving too fast, you as a business owner run the risk of increased insurance rates should your drivers ever be stopped by law enforcement and issued a ticket for their driving. Thus, its in your best interest that you as a business owner know whether or not your drivers are handling their deliveries in a responsible manner.

So how do you tell if your drivers are going too fast? You do so by utilizing checkpoints. By having your drivers check in when they pick up a package and check when they drive a package you can tell if they are driving too fast by the amount of time that it takes for a package to go from point A to point B. If the time is short, then this is cause for concern and is an issue that should be taken up with your drivers. You want your packages delivered in a timely fashion of course. However, you do not want to jeopardize safety during the process. GPS Fleet tracking can help you determine if your drivers are going too fast and can help you promote safety in all of your endeavors with your delivery business.


Fuel is one of the main costs for businesses that rely on a more that anything greater than ten trucks or vans to deliver their products. Fuel prices have increased considerably in the past few years, and so such businesses have been using GPS fleet tracking to find a way to reduce fuel costs. You will be able to reduce a significant amount of the expenditure by monitoring the speed, idle time, routes, and vehicle maintenance. All these factors can be tracked on this type of software.

Vehicle Speed

Driving at a fast speed can cause the vehicle’s fuel to be consumed faster, especially if it’s a charter bus raleigh nc. Using a fleet tracking system enables you to efficiently monitor the vehicles’ speed. This will generate a notification to your cell or email depending on how it set up that will notify you when a vehicle in your fleet exceeds the speed limit you set.

Idle Time

Every hour of idle time is equal to about 25 miles of fuel costs. When the engine is idle for a long period of time, it will use more fuel. The fleet tracking system will send a detailed report on the idling time of the engine so that you can stop wasting fuel.

Correcting Inefficient Routes

Most have the feature that can inform you of the exact locations of each of your vehicles. This allows you to monitor whether the drivers have taken the most direct routes and optimize them if they are not taking the most cost effective route. If any driver is lost on the highway, you can guide him back onto the correct route. It also allows you to divert drivers to alternative routes in case there are any traffic jams.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Your fleet vehicles need to undergo regular servicing and maintenance so that they will operate efficiently. Vehicles that do not undergo maintenance regularly will have problems such as fuel leakage and malfunctioning of the engine. The GPS can alert you of the maintenance time of a vehicle according to different criteria such as mileage and date.

Fuel Card Integration

Besides, you can integrate a fuel card to monitor the total fuel the the drive has consumed and be able to compare the analytical and statistics compared to other drivers. The report generated by a fuel card company is often complicated and difficult to understand. On the other hand, the report generated by a tracking system is much more intuitive to learn and depend on. It will generate an accurate report on the fuel consumption of each vehicle and for the entire vehicle fleet which is important if you run a limo service raleigh nc.

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