Are your drivers going too fast? Use GPS Fleet Tracking to be sure

GPS Fleet Tracking has many uses. Besides being able to use it to provide updates on employee driving and whether they are on the clock, idle, or not even working at all, this tracking solution can also be used to determine if your employees are driving too fast.

Why would you want to know if your employees are driving too fast? For a variety of reasons. First of all, your employees’ driving habits can cause serious liability issues if they are in an accident. Secondly, insurance companies will very often desire that you add the drivers names to the insurance according to If your employees are driving too fast, you as a business owner run the risk of increased insurance rates should your drivers ever be stopped by law enforcement and issued a ticket for their driving. Thus, its in your best interest that you as a business owner know whether or not your drivers are handling their deliveries in a responsible manner.

So how do you tell if your drivers are going too fast? You do so by utilizing checkpoints. By having your drivers check in when they pick up a package and check when they drive a package you can tell if they are driving too fast by the amount of time that it takes for a package to go from point A to point B. If the time is short, then this is cause for concern and is an issue that should be taken up with your drivers. You want your packages delivered in a timely fashion of course. However, you do not want to jeopardize safety during the process. GPS Fleet tracking can help you determine if your drivers are going too fast and can help you promote safety in all of your endeavors with your delivery business.

5 signs you need an IT Company in Dallas

It is almost impossible for a company to function without computers, smartphones, networks, internet, servers and other peripherals, including data management. As such, you need the services of a dependable IT company because you simply cannot afford any downtime or computer problems that can cost your business.


Here are five signs that you need an IT company in Dallas
When you are running your company in Dallas, you need the services of an IT company. If you have a small or medium sized business, you may not need a full-time IT department and it is really not necessary to have dedicated IT employees when you can simply outsource these services. These are five signs that you need an IT company:

1.    You are currently depending on some tech savvy employees to look after your IT needs provided by Prototype IT Dallas– these employees obviously have other work to do and it is only because they have greater skill or efficiencies in the use of technology that they are forced to do the tech work. However, this actually cuts into the time that they can spend on their actual work. Also they may not be available whenever there is a breakdown or if they are busy with the other work.

2.    You don’t have a fixed IT budget – there may be months when there is no problem and then you can face a host of expenses thanks to computers breaking down, repairs, server problems or even hardware errors. These expenses can cut into your working budget. If you use an IT company services provider, you are already factoring in its fees. Plus the incidence of repairs or problems is reduced as your systems are maintained and kept in proper working order.

3.    You are not sure about the company needs – IT keeps on improving and it is difficult to keep up with latest technology. An IT company can help pinpoint your needs so that you don’t waste time and money on getting the latest equipment if you don’t need it.

4.    You don’t have back-up or data management systems in place – data is the backbone of any company and it is important to back-up your data and use cloud management systems in place as these are easy to access and you don’t need physical space for them.
5.    You are not sure how protected you are – today there are innumerable threats and not simply from viruses and Trojans. Spam overload, hacking threats, data mining problems and even spying by outsiders or even employees are potential threats that should be eliminated. An IT company can help you with all kinds of hardware and software to minimize the risk of compromising your security.